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Hi! I'm Anna Hauser!

It all began one Christmas day when I was about eight years old.

As I'm arm deep in my snowman stocking, I pull out what would one day become my love, passion and career; a disposable camera.

I geared up in all my winter attire and headed outside to use that beauty! I distinctly remember looking through the viewfinder and just feeling like it was an extension of my arm. I was seeing the ordinary with new perspectives and seeing it now in an extraordinary way. Fast forward a couple of decade: I’ve come to realize that life as we know it is way too short and documenting the memories along the way is the best gift I could give my families. While the passion is there, I do also have an Associates degree in Advertising & Graphic Design as well as a BFA in Photography & Graphic Design.

You may ask, "why 'Little Hause' if your last name is 'Hauser'?" My husband, an Army Veteran, was known in his battle group as "Big House" so naturally I assumed the role of "Little House". Why not play on words since my last name is German for "home," hence, "Little Hause." In many ways, working closely with people to ensure their special milestones & occasions are documented makes me feel right at home. 


As I have grown from that little girl into a wife and mom, I have learned to soak up all the subtle instances that life gives. Noticing the little things & being present. And always, take the pictures. 

I believe in baby snuggles, trying new recipes, the North Carolina Mountains, being silly with my husband, rescuing animals, collecting vintage cameras, cherishing moments with family, walks in the park, laughing till your sides hurt, putting down your phone, family heritage, and simply enjoying life!


Now that you know a little about me, I hope you’ll allow me to capture lasting memories between you and your family.

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